SatCruiser NOVA
StarCruiser 9000/SatCruiser
dsr-101 Plus+ Boot R3X
digital receivers


This section is specific for uses who own a
Satcruiser Nova
StarCruiser 9700

If you own a different model, please do not use this software as it will most definitely harm your receiver and will render it inoperable.

To check your boot software version, press MENU, SYSTEM SETTINGS, OK, SOFTWARE VERSION, OK.

I. Firmware:

To download the software. Either click on the link then select SAVE.  If you see a program listing instead of the SAVE window then Right Click on the link then select "Save Target As"

R3X Boot Version


R3X BOOT Software


Please download this software only if your receiver does not have boot software version R3X 1.30  (Check your software version by clicking on Menu, system setting, S/W version). If your boot is already R3X 1.30 then you do not need to change it.

Software loader for both boot and main software.



Satcruiser Nova
Starcruiser 9700
Factory Free to Air Software
To download RIGHT CLICK on the link below then select
"Save Target As"


This is the original free to air only software.  Uses F4 as the CLEAR key

Very Original FTA Software
F4 key does NOT function as the CLEAR key.

Satcruiser DSR-101Plus+
Original Free to Air Software

This is the original free to air only software.



II. Loader Software
If you have boot software version 1.25 you will need either the lemon or the 3rd loader program (115200 baud)

Latest software loader.  This is the recommended loader for both boot and main software.
Note 115200 denotes the baud rate.
Hyper terminal loader for the computer savvy users.

If the lemon software hangs during the software download, please use the HyperTerminal software instead.

III. Channel Editor


StarCruiser 9700/Satcruiser Nova

You will need Null Modem Cable

I. Downloading the Main software.

1. Turn the receiver off and connect the cable to the computer
2. Run Uploader Lite software loader
4. Click on the OPEN icon
5. Select new software file (new bin file)
6. Click on Start Down
7. You will see a message "Reboot your receiver". Click OK.
8. Turn the receiver ON.  You should see a progress bar.
Wait until the software is loaded completely. You should see the text UPGRA then GOOD on the front panel and the receiver may reboot and show 0000.  If the text shows FAIL then you downloaded the wrong software or your mother board is not compatible with the new software.

II. Loading the Boot file
  • Run the Uploader Lite program
  • Click on MAIN button to switch it to BOOT
  • Click on OPEN and select the boot file you wish to download
  • click on Start Down
  • Turn the receiver's power switch ON
  • You will see a progress bar, then you will see UPGRA then GOOD on the front panel

How to enter keys manually for StarCruiser 9000 or SatCruiser dsr-101 Plus+/NOVA.  You need this step ONLY if you do not autoroll function or if you have disabled the autoroll function in the setup menu screen.

  • Menu, installation, ok, edit key, ok
  • Use down channel to highlight
    N-Code and press OK
  • The first line (PP=0101) should be highlighted, press OK
  • Use Volume key to highlight the key field and press OK
  • Enter 8  Hex numbers values for key 00
  • Press MENU to go back to KEYS screen
  • Channel down to key 01 for provider 0101 and press OK
  • Use volume key to highlight the key field and press OK
  • Enter 8 Hex numbers for key 01
  • Press MENU several time to get back to TV screen
  • Watch TV
General Information:

To access the extended program guide, press GUIDE then the LANG key.  Wait for a few minutes for the extended guide to load.

To access the THEME menu, while watching a channel press the double up arrow key (Fast forward)

Receiver Lockup.
Red LED on front Panel

If your receiver locks up after loading incompatible software, you may be able to revive it.  First, try to download the original free to air software. If the receiver is still dead then you will need to "jtag" it.

Click on this link to download the jtag software Please read the instructions carefully.

Microsoft Vista Installation
If you have Microsoft vista, you need to do the following.

  • Right click on file port95nt.exe and select properties

    Click on the Compatibility tab

  • set the compatibility mode to Windows XP SP2

  • Click on OK