Viewsat Ultra

This section is specific for uses who own a Viewsat Ultra.  If you own a different model, please do not use this software as it will most definitely harm your receiver and will render it inoperable

I. Firmware:

To download the software. Either click on the link then select SAVE, if you see a program listing instead of the SAVE window then Right Click on the link then select "Save Target As"

Protect your receiver

Make sure the hardware protection button is pressed down while watching TV.  Turn off only when loading new software. This guarantees that your unit will never get killed. Please see pictures on the left.

Viewsat Ultra Compatible


This software is safe.


This software is for the Viewsat Ultra



Viewsat Ultra Factory bin





II. Loader Software.  Use to download MAIN bin

Software Loader


Please unzip it using WINRAR


Helpful Hint:

If you should see BOOT on the front panel and the unit will not start, simply turn the green switch OFF (see picture above) and turn the unit OFF then back ON. You may have to repeat this procedure a few times.  The unit will start operating correctly.  Turn the switch ON while watching TV.

Viewsat Ultra

Downloading the Main software.

You will need a NULL MODEM Cable

Some Viewsat Ultra receivers have a switch on the front panel (open the right hand side door) in order to protect it from getting killed by malicious software. 
When viewing TV, the switch must be in the ON position (pressed down), When loading new software turn the switch off (up position), see pictures below. Do not forget to turn the switch back on after loading the new software.

Please protect your receiver by making sure that the switch is always set to the ON position while viewing TV. Turn it off only when downloading new software.  The switch is located under the front cover on the right hand side.


On Position
Correct setting when watching TV

Off position
Correct setting when loading software
Extreme danger while watching TV

  • Turn the receiver off and connect the cable to the computer
  • Depress the GREEN switch until it is in the UP position (OFF)
  • Run the software loader program
  • Click on Open Files
  • Select the file then click on OPEN
  • Click on PC to STB
  • Turn the receiver power ON
  • Wait for download to finish. You should see Inste then END on the front panel then the receiver will restart
    You must WAIT until receiver restarts
  • Depress the GREEN switch on the front panel until it is ON (down position)


Read This:
When you download new software you may be asked for a password after you power the receiver on. The master password is 3570

If you are prompted to enter a password every time you change a channel, please change the setting as follows:
menu,  user settings, parental control, then set "receiver lock=off", "menu lock=off", maturity rate ' unblocked".  You can change the password to 0000 in the same screen, then press the exit button to leave the screen

How to download using USB flash stick.

  • Select Menu
  • System Information
  • USB
  • Select the file to download
  • Press OK