What make our GDocsDrive special?

Modify online Google Docs files with local apps

Many people use Google Docs as a cloud storage service to store non-Google Docs files, such as MS Office and other kinds of documents without worrying about losing formatting or advanced Office features. Plus you might feel more comfortable using the more powerful Microsoft Office to modify your online documents. GDocsDrive accomplishes this by downloading the chosen online file to the local temp directory and opens it with the proper installed application. After the modification, the file will automatically sync back to Google Docs and overwrite the previous online version.

Make Google Docs like a GDrive

With GDocsDrive, you can move any files/folders between your local computer and online Google Docs with just a drag and drop. Simple, quiet, and convenient, GDocsDrive virtually makes Google Docs a GDrive on your computer.

You can even directly backup or share your local files from the right-click menu with just a single click of mouse.

GDocsDrive fills the gap between your local and cloud storage.

Cheap and Reliable Storage from Google

With GDocsDrive, you can harness the power of Google storage from your desktop. Google offers 1GB of free storage space for any type of file. Users can also buy additional space, up to 16TB, at a very affordable rate of $5 for every 20GB per year. This may be the most economical and reliable online storage available. Consider backing up your entire computer to Google storage without worrying about hard drive failure or any other type of data loss, GDocsDrive makes Google Docs convenient enough to use for all your storage needs.

For more detailed information about cost and extending your Google storage space, please visit: https://www.google.com/accounts/PurchaseStorage

Your Stuff is Safe

We understand that security and privacy are major concerns for users. GDocsDrive is based on Google Document List API 3.0 protocol. All communication is SSL encrypted.

OAuth2.0 is also employed for credential protection, which lets you login using your email and password on Google’s official sign-in page without leaking them to a third party.

GDocsDrive is a client tool for Google Docs. As such, all your files and information are stored on Google’s servers. GDocsDrive does not collect ANY information from you or your Google account. In fact, GDocsDrive does not even manage your files directly, but only sends the requests straight to Google Docs, and receives and displays their responses.

Convert your Files

Convert Microsoft Word files to PDF,or Microsoft Excel files to Open Office Spreadsheets,and even more.

Supports Any File Format

Upload any file,including documents,photos,videos and even everything on your whole hard disk.

Web Access

Access all your files anywhere,with any device using a web browser.

Search your Files Easily

Search your data for file names or content using Google’s powerful search engine.