Upload/download files in the background

Google Docs supports storage of any type of file. However, you may feel uncomfortable keeping your web browser open while uploading or downloading a big file using Google Docs’ web interface. Also, you could accidentally close your browser without realizing there are still files uploading to Google Docs.

GDocsDrive frees you from this and gives you a clean and quiet desktop. GDocsDrive's window can be minimized to the system tray anytime, and allows the lengthy transferring process to run in the background without distracting you.

What' s more, you can do uploading or downloading with a drag and drop, just like moving files in Windows Explorer.

  • Drag and drop between GDocsDrive folders
  • Drag from your local computer and drop into GDocsDrive
  • Drag from GDocsDrive and drop to a local computer
  • Drag and drop multiple folders and files at once